Instructors: Gradarius Release 1.66,1.67 & 1.68

Three major releases are coming soon. There are some exciting features that you will surely love. 

  • We have allowed changing timer times per individual student (similar to "Extend deadline").


  • We have allowed students to stop assignment timer when they want to.

  • We have added more colors for exercise and assignment groups.


  • We have allowed to add text description to assignment group.


  • Allow to add text description to course (by uadmin) and show on the Dashboard for collapsed courses.

  • Allow to filter problems by activity type (eg interactive tutorial).

  • We have allowed to add more problems to problem pool type exercises that have already been worked on. 

  • We have restored batch rename for exercises.


  • We have cleaned up UI/UX of assignment/exercise groups for student (both for desktop and mobile).

  • We have allowed exercise preview to be on by default (both for students and instructors).

  • We now show the grading strategy with a description on the student exercise page.

  • Add a description to assignment and show assignment alert with it on opening the assignment.

  • We have added numbering to the gradebook. 

Please let us know what you think of our new features by writing a comment below. 


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