Exciting news: Release 1.51 just got out of the oven!

Besides many accessibility improvements, with this new release we will be adding this super feature that allows you to save your custom type assignments for reuse. 

Here is the step by step explanations for creating your own custom type assignment:

  • Go to three dots (on top of each other) menu at the end of the assignment type selection:

  • Click on the "Save as new" to save your custom settings as a new assignment type.
  • Add a name and description (for example, type of settings you have selected) to the assignment type.

Once you hit "OK", your custom type assignment will appear under assignment types:

  • Remember you can always remove or edit existing custom type assignments by going into "Manage types":

We have also added great updates to our mobile use: 

The tool bar is now relocated on the bottom of the screen.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us by either clicking on "reply" button located on the upper right corner or by making comments below.

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