Gradarius makes a wonderful start in the New Year!

We have some New Year's gifts for you: FANTASTIC NEW FEATURES in Gradarius. 

What is already applied:

Please use the following links to check on the new features that are now available in your instance.

  1. Can I move exercises from one assignment into another?
  2. Can the exercise numbers be reordered automatically after adding/removing or relocating the exercises in an assignment?
  3. Can I broadcast messages about a specific assignment or an exercise?

What is coming on/by Jan 16:  

Please note that there are no articles in about the features described below, since these features are not applied to your instance yet. 

  • New cross icon to close pop-up windows easily:
  • A shortcut to automatically reorder exercises by name:



  • "Student view" that allows instructors to solve problems and keep track of their work as a student:


  • Having the option of keeping the manually changed score of a student after "Regrade" is applied:


  • Through your U-administrator, you can add teaching assistants to your course with different access rights:


Please let us know what you think by clicking on "reply" button located on the upper right corner and/or make comments below to share your experiences with us as well as with other instructors.  



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I like all of the improvements but especially the feature where I can comment on a particular problem. That saves me a lot of time and when the students go to study, they can easily see the comment again. Great upgrade!

Hi Megan,

We appreciate your feedback. Our users have been instrumental in our growth. 


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