Gradarius Release 1.52.4 is just around the corner!

We are so excited to inform you that there are many major updates that will be applied to our instances very soon. 

Here are a few of the highlights of this approaching update. 

  1. We can now exclude an exercise from assignment score computation.



  1. We can broadcast message to the individual sections.  

  1. We can now set a total score for a group of exercises as a prerequisite.


In Exercise configuration, after selecting prerequisite button, chose the exercises that you like to set as a prerequisite and enter then the total score into the "Total" cell shown as in the image below.

  1. We can now check the reports for individual sections. 

  1. In Problem solving the function-point table appearance is updated - functions are now displayed in columns and values are displayed in rows. This action can be used after selecting a function and searching for "Create new table". 


  1. We can now take a look at the links to solution snapshots in the chat interface, message notifications and emails. When student send a message to the chat, Gradarius creates a solution snapshot to save current solution state.

    This is a great way for the instructor to see where the student was when they asked their question so that the instructor can compare their current solution with the one when they asked the question for the first time. 

    Instructor side (the link to the snapshot is only available to the instructor):


    Student side:


  2. Problem solver sidebar is getting beautified. It is also going to become more functional- it can be hidden now; the fast action panel is moved to the sidebar (action search works with closed sidebar). 

After clicking on the "downward arrow" icon located next to the "ACTIONS":

Please note that you can also do the "Actions" search without clicking on this icon. You can just type the name of the action into the search box after selecting the expression you want to apply. 

We hope that you will enjoy our upgrades and would love you to share your thoughts with us by either clicking on "reply" button located on the upper right corner or by making comments below.

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We have deployed the new release to all our instances on Oct 18,2018. The articles in our knowledge base are also updated. Please never hesitate to reach out if any questions or concerns come up. 

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