Gradarius Releases 1.62 and 1.63 are coming soon.

Here are some of our amazing new features: 

  • We have added an option for students to continue solving problems in assignments with expired deadline without affecting their score.
    This new option is added to the 'Allow submission after deadline' field of the assignment configuration dialog.The students can also see if an assignments is past due but they are able to work on the problems without affecting their grades. 

  • We have added weights for assignments.
    The weights influence course progress and corresponding pie chart sector size. They are configurable through the assignment configuration dialog.

As an example, the course grade would be computed in the following way when the assignments weighted differently. 



Course Score =  = %81

  • We have introduced course structure.

           Now assignments can be organized into groups inside a course. A group can have a name and a color.

  • We have allowed adding graphs in the solver for the selected functions on the selected interval.
    Now it's possible to select an interval and functions before applying the 'add functions to graph' action.

  • We have allowed moving any solution row in reference solutions.
    Before it was available only for comment rows.

  • We have added the 'cmp' notation for function composition and the 'deg' notation for degrees.


Please let us know your thoughts by writing a comment below. 


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