Gradarius Releases 1.60 & 1.61 are coming soon!


  • We have introduced the Dashboard for students; instead of the courses page, students can now see the Dashboard page, containing some statistics and urgent assignments for each course


Here the "efficiency" represents all the points for exercises divided by the time spent (in minutes) on them. Later we will add a  is in its tooltip.

  • We have added a note to students in the solver score box when an assignment is configured to accept late submissions with a penalty

  • We have added 'Practice' mode for students; currently students can solve generated problems on the chosen topic; the link is added to the navigation menu.



  • We have added hints for essential steps. When a student starts solving a problem containing essential steps, the system will show a message containing a description of the chosen grading strategy (if it contains essentials steps) and a list of essential steps hints. A student can click a button with a light bulb in the bottom right corner to bring the message back at any time. This feature can be turned on and off by the instructor. 

Below is what the students see when they start solving a problem for the first time. 





  • We have added a 'Submitted at' column to the student's solutions list for supervisor. Now the instructor can know the exact time when a student makes a submission. 

  • We have allowed students to try different grading strategies in Practice mode; new 'Try different strategy' button in solver brings up a window allowing to change current strategy and see its description.

  • We have added symbols for number sets to the notation table.                                            
  • We have added a link to your problem templates on the navigation bar that allows to you edit a template, generate a new one and/or solve them in either tutor or solo mode.

  • We have added a comma separating multiple expressions in a final answer.

Please let us know your thoughts by writing a comment below. 



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