Messages from instructors

  • When instructor sends a message in a solution chat, notification would be sent to student. Such notifications are considered important. So the bell icon becomes red and tooltip appears showing the number of unread notification.

‘View’ link opens Notifications dialog. You can go directly to the solution chat by clicking on the message in notifications list.

  • Instructor also can send messages related to certain exercise or assignment or make a broadcast to entire class. Students can not answer such messages directly. Click on message in notifications list will open the related page.

More on how to use notifications, please see this article

Update notifications

Gradarius notifies students when course is updated. Particularly when:

  • New assignment is published

  • Deadline is changed

Also student would receive notification when all guided tutorials would be solved. If assignment has a deadline and student haven’t solved tutors by that time, Gradarius would send a notification too. 

Related assignment can be opened by click on notification.