Any problem in Gradarius can be assigned to you in one of two different modes: Tutor Mode and Solo Mode. When you solve a problem in Tutor Mode, Gradarius will give you feedback about each step that you enter.

  •  A green check mark indicates that you’ve entered an essential step, namely a step singled out as being a key part of any full solution to the problem:

Gradarius will recognize that you’ve entered an essential step even if you enter it in a different but algebraically equivalent form. 

  • A blue check mark indicates that you’ve entered a step which appears in the expert solutions to the problem but which wasn’t singled out as an essential  step:

  • A gray check mark indicates that you’ve entered a step which is correct but which doesn’t appear in the expert solutions:

  • A red stop sign indicates that you’ve made a mistake. Click on the icon to read a description of your mistake. In many cases, Gradarius will recognize the mistake you’ve made and offer hints for how to proceed:

Clicking on “Show Me More” will reveal a second­ level hint with more details:

Finally, clicking on “Show Me More” again will reveal a third­level hint containing a worked example (note that not all mistakes come with third­level hints). Feel free to rate a hint by clicking on the thumbs­-up or thumbs­-down icons, or to leave a comment. Your feedback will help improve Gradarius!

  • A orange yield sign issues a warning that you haven’t been sufficiently clear in showing your work, or that you’ve rewritten an expression into a new expression of a different  type:

REMARK: If the platform catches a mistake in your solution but the type could not be identified, please, as much as possible, try to rewrite your work in detailed steps so that Gradarius could determine the type of mistake that is present in your solution. 

If you solve a problem in Solo Mode, you will not be given step­-by-­step feedback. Instead, you’ll  need to write down a solution using nothing but your own ingenuity. Only after you submit your work for grading will Gradarius give you an overview of your solution in which essential steps, mistakes, warnings, etc. are