A fundamental aspect of solving problems in Gradarius is the use of actions. Actions are listed in the blue side menu at the right of the problem solving screen:

Actions allow you to:

Create new rows, new graphs, new tables, etc. in your solution automatically set up notation, manipulate mathematical expressions, e.g. substitute a number into a variable, or factor a polynomial, automatically perform computations, such as evaluating a function at a number or solving an equation (note that these actions may be disabled by your instructor).

Create a subproblem, namely a separate space in which you can work out the answer to a small problem on your way to solving a larger problem. Think about a problem in terms of higher ­level concepts save time.

Use actions whenever possible! Not only are they useful for the reasons listed above, they allow Gradarius to better understand your work and thereby offer you more helpful feedback. See the sample problem at the end of this document for an illustration of how to use various actions.

Please see this folder for most commonly used actions.