Gradarius is designed to make writing mathematics as intuitive as possible. You can enter mathematical symbols into a cell using the symbol panels in the side menu at the right of the screen:

After clicking on , you can see all possibles notations to pick from.

The fastest way to write mathematics, however, is with your keyboard. To create an exponent, for instance, type “^” (a caret):

To create a fraction, type “/” (a forward slash):

Common function names, like ,and etc., can be entered simply by typing the letters that correspond to the function name. Note that Gradarius automatically includes parentheses in which to write the argument of the function:

If you’re not sure how to type a particular mathematical symbol with your keyboard, locate it in one of the symbol panels in the side menu. Hovering your mouse over the symbol displays the shortcut name which, once typed into a cell, produces that symbol:

(You can also see this article for more examples and details) 

Please continue with this article to see how actions work in Gradarius.