You can change desired email notification interval on your profile page:

  • Click ‘Open dashboard’ in top right menu.

OpenDash board.jpg

  • Select ‘Profile’ tab. Here you can find ‘Notification interval’ setting.

Immediate email

If interval setting is set to `Right away`, Gradarius will send an email about every notification. Email contains message content, author and the time message was sent at.

Digest email

If interval setting is set to some other value than `Right away` or `Don't send me anything`, Gradarius will be sending summary of all notifications received during chosen time period.

For `Hourly` and `Every six hours` options summary will include only unread notifications for that period.

For `Daily` and `Weekly` options summary will include all notifications.

Disable notifications

You can disable email notifications by choosing `Don't send me anything` option. It would concern only solution chats messages and broadcasts, in-system notifications (like regrade result emails etc) will be sent regardless.