Gradarius uses a notification system to notify users about certain events. Students receive notifications about instructors messages, new assignments, changed deadlines and tutorials solving. Users are able to set how frequent they want to receive such emails, or if they want to receive them at all.

  • Notifications are available on `Notifications` tab of user's dashboard. 

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  • Pop-up with notifications can be opened from any page by clicking the bell icon near the logged in user's name in the top right corner.


You can mark notifications as read by clicking `Mark all as read` button, selecting `Mark as read` option of the individual notification or by clicking on notification itself.


You can also see a snapshot of the student solution attached to the related message or use the arrow icon to be taken directly to the student solution.


Snapshots are very helpful when identifying where the student was when they asked you their question for the first time.

You can delete notifications by clicking ‘Delete all’ button or by selecting ‘Delete’ option of the individual notification. This would only remove a notification in your own list, not the message itself.