There are many limit actions available in Gradarius. Here we will show you how to work with some of them.  Note that most limit actions are used to apply the limit laws such as power law, composition law, product law etc. Note that the best way to learn these actions is to try them and use them.

Direct Substitution, Factor, Try magic:

Let's see some of these actions in an example:

  • First try direct substitution:

  • Use "Try magic" action to simplify expressions: 

  • Use action "Factor" to factor part of the function:

  • Use "Try magic" action to simplify expressions: 

  • Submit your answer:

Below we will see some additional actions of limit:  

Limits Laws, Multiply numerator and denominator, Try magic:

In this example, we will be working with infinite limits: 

Please do not hesitate to try other limit actions and let us know if you have any questions.