Welcome to the Gradarius Learning Platform! Gradarius allows you to enter your work and receive feedback on every step as you go. There are many ways that Gradarius improves on other systems you may have used for math.

  • Other learning platforms force you to enter answers in very specific formats. Gradarius allows you to enter anything that is algebraically equivalent.

  • Gradarius will mark steps that are essential to solving the problem with green check marks. These give you partial credit in case you don’t get the final answer correct, and show you that you're on the right track.
  • Practice in Gradarius might help you avoid getting points off on tests for missing important steps. You can see steps that your instructor will consider important to get full credit.
  • There's a built in chat box that lets you talk to your instructor anytime. They can see your solution and help you with any questions you have. There is no more waiting on the hallways to ask a question to your instructor.

  • Gradarius color coded check mark system allows you to know how you're doing before you get all the way to the end of the problem. For instance, green check marks mean you have entered an essential part of the solution. Blue check marks mean you are matching the reference solution (expert solution). Finally, gray check marks mean you didn't do anything that is obviously incorrect (like 1+2=1), but might not be part of what the solution is expecting (like factoring a polynomial but the problem is about trig functions). To understand how different modes of exercises work in Gradarius and for more details about the color coded check marks please see the article: Tutor and Solo Mode.

Gradarius is set up to help you think about why each step is correct, to improve your problem solving skills, and to help you connect with your instructor. Let's get started!