Welcome to the Gradarius Calculus Learning Platform! Gradarius allows students to enter their work and receive feedback in real time. There are many ways that Gradarius improves on the traditional learning platform style of problems.

  • Other learning platforms force the student to enter answers in very specific formats. Gradarius allows the students to enter anything that is algebraically equivalent.

  • On paper or with other Calculus learning platforms, students make a mistake and wait a week to find out what went wrong. Some students may never even go back to check their work. Gradarius gives students feedback immediately so they can catch their mistakes and fix misconceptions.

  • Gradarius provides students specific feedback and helps them identify their particular weaknesses in a certain subject. A student might get a problem wrong but it doesn’t mean that he/she got everything in that problem wrong, or even that the issue was with the topic being taught. Gradarius can help students pinpoint the areas that need work.

  • Instant feedback on specific steps and a messaging system mean that students are more engaged. They will not just see that they have a mistake, but wonder, “Why?”

  • Gradarius allows students to approach to a problem from different angles, which supports the development of critical thinking and provides flexibility in problem solving instead of predefined steps.

  • Assignments and problems are infinitely customizable. You can change not just the scores for problems but also the solution, and even which steps you want the students to make for full credit.

  • Because Gradarius keeps track of the students' steps and can interpret them, it can generate reports that tell you exactly which topics students are struggling with. For instance, this class seems be doing fine with integral substitution, but maybe needs extra help with integral notation:

Gradarius is focused on getting students to think step-by-step, and to connect you to what's going on in your class. Let's get started!

For more details, please watch the following demo that shows most of the major features of the platform: